Máy hiện sóng Kỹ Thuật Số Dòng DS-5500A, DS-5400

Mã sản phẩm : DI9368
Thương hiệu: IWATSU
Tình trạng: 2-3 Ngày
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Dòng DS-5500A 

  • Băng thông tần số 100 - 500MHz
  • Tốc độ lấy mẫu tối đa 2GS/s
  • Kênh vào 4
  • Độ dài bộ nhớ tối đa 1 triệu điểm/ kênh


Dòng DS-5400A

  • Băng thông tần số 100 - 200MHz
  • Tốc độ lấy mẫu tối đa 2GS/s (Loại 200MHz)
  • Tốc độ lấy mẫu tối đa 1GS/s(Loại 100MHz)
  • Kênh vào 4
  • Độ dài bộ nhớ tối đa 500 nghìn điểm/ kênh
  • Chất lượng Nhật Bản






DS-5554A DS-5552A DS-5534A DS-5532A DS-5524A DS-5522A DS-5514A DS-5512A
Frequency bandwidth(-3dB) 500MHz 350MHz 200MHz 100MHz
Rise time(Typical)) 750ps 1ns 1.75ns 3.5ns
Input Channel 4 2 4 2 4 2 4 2
Maximum Sampling Speed 1GS/s(all CHs)/ 2GS/s(Channel combined) 1GS/s
Equivalent Sampling Rate 100GS/s
Peak detect resolution 1ns
Averaging 2 to 256 times
Maximum Memory Length 1Mpts/ch(for all CHs)
Vertical Resolution 8-bit
Input voltage range 2mV/div - 10V/div(1MΩ), 2mV/div - 2V/div(50MΩ) 2mV/div - 10V/div(1MΩ)
Offset voltage 2mV/div - 50mV/div : ±1V
50.2mV/div - 500mV/div : ±10V
502mV/div - 10V/div : ±100V
DC gain accuracy ±1.5% + (0.5% of fullscale)
Maximum Input Voltage ±400Vpeak CAT I (1MΩ), 5Vrms (50Ω) ±400Vpeak CAT I (1MΩ)
Band-limiting filter Analog form : 100MHz,20MHz,2MHz,200kHz Analog form : 20MHz,2MHz,200kHz
Digital form : Either of LPF/HPF/OFF is selected with each channel.
4 independent channels
Input coupling GND, DC 1MΩ, AC 1MΩ,DC50Ω GND, DC 1MΩ, AC 1MΩ
Input Impedance 1MΩ±1% //16pF、 50Ω±1% 1MΩ±1% //20pF
Probe sense Automatic: 1:1、10:1、100:1、1000:1
Manual: 1:1、5:1、10:1、20:1、50:1、100:1、200:1、500:1、1000:1、2000:1
Timebase 500ps/div ~ 50s/div 1ns/div ~ 50s/div 2ns/div ~ 50s/div 5ns/div ~ 50s/div
Standard probe SS-101R (multi-channel) SS-0130R (multi-channel)
Roll mode 50ms/div ~ 50s/div (100kS/s max)
Timebase (Clock) accuracy ±10 ppm
Trigger function
Trigger type Edge, Edge ALT, Edge OR, Pulse Count, Pulse Width, Period,Dropout, TV, OR, NOR, AND, NAND
TV mode /
Line number /
Field sequence
NTSC, PAL, Custom / upto 3,000 / 1, 2, 4 & 8 fields
Pulse Count Trigger 1 to 9999 events
Pulse Width Trigger 15ns to 50s
Period Trigger 40ns to 50s
Dropout Trigger 50ns to 50s
Pattern Trigger  OR、NOR、AND、NAND
Trigger source /
Status / 
threshhold level setting
All channels / High, Low、 Don't Care / All channels set independently
Trigger Source Input CHs, Line, EXT(+/-0.5V), EXT10(+/-5.0V)
Trigger Slope /Coupling +,- / AC, DC, HF Rej, LF Rej, Noise Rej
Display function
Display size/ resolution 7.5inch color TFT-LCD with Touch screen / VGA(640*480pixels)
Display mode YT、XY、XY (Triggered)
Vector Display Method Interpolation on sample points or Dots
Analog persistence mode Monochrome grayscale or Color Spectrum
Persistence time setting 100ms, 200ms, 500ms, 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s & Infinite
Reference waveform memory 5 waveforms
Panel setting memory 5settings for Internal memory or USB memory
Parameter measurement, Cursor, Zoom, Calculation, Replay
rameter measurement Maximum, Minimum, Peak-Peak, RMS, Cycle RMS, Mean, Cycle Mean, Top, Base, Top-Base, +Overshoot, -Overshoot, Tr 20-80%, Tf 80- 20%, Tr 10-90%, Tf 90-10%, Freq., Period, +Pulse Count, -Pulse Count, +Pulse Width, -Pulse Width, Duty Cycle, Integral, Skew (+, -), Skew at level
Concurrent number of measurements /
statistics display
Four parameter maximum /Max (Maximum), Min (Minimum) ,Num (Number of the total waveforms)
Logging item, destination Time and parameter measurement results (conditions A, B, C, D), 
Pass/Fail judgment results When recording: Pop-up window,
internal memory (up to 86400 entries), After recording: USB memory
Pass/Fail Judgment mode: Select between Parameter judgment and Mask judgment, 
Judgment result: Save waveform (USB memory)/ Beep/ Pulse output (when equipped with DS-578 option)/ Logging, 
Page search function: Select any of Fail or Pass, you can search forward or backward
Cursor Time, Amplitude, Time and Amplitude, Value at cursor
Zoom Zoom key enable display at individual grid area
Calculation Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, FFT(8k points maximum, RECTANGULAR, HANNING, FLATTOP)
Rescaling / Unit conversion a*x+b(x: input voltage at User defined a and b) / Volt, Ampere, Watt, degree and unit-less
Replay Automatic waveform recording upto 1,024waveforms, History Replayable
Counter 6-digit
Interface (standard) USB 2.0(Host&Device), LAN(100Base-TX), GPIB(Factory option: DS-576)
AUX Interface AUX connector for External options
Waveform Data Storage UUSB memory for Binary, ASCII, Mathcad, Calculation(ASCII) & Calculation(Mathcad)
Hardcopy Output Output form front panel USB port to USB memory in TIFF, BMP & PNG format or Output to PictBridge Printers
Calibration signal output Square waveform at 1kHz, 3Vp-p
Power / power consumption AC 90Vrms to 240Vrms, 47Hz to 63Hz, AC 90Vrms to 132Vrms, 380Hz to 420 Hz, 95VA max (60W max)
Dimensions (mm) / Weight Approx. 330W × 190H ×124D / Approx. 3.7kg
Environmental condition
Performance guarantee temperature +10℃ to + 35℃
Operation temperature and humidity / 
Altitude conditions
0deg. to +40˚C at 5 to 80%(RH<=30˚C) and 55%RH or less at 40˚C non-condensation /
2,000meter or lower
Probe(multi-channel), Power cord, Front panel cover, CD-ROM(Instruction Manual, Remote Control Manual), User's Guide
Factory options
AUX IO CH1/CH2 output
(factory option)
AUX IO1: Output of CH1 input signal with applied offset voltage, AUX IO2: Output of CH2 input signal with applied offset voltage
AUX IO CH1/TRIG output
(factory option)
AUX IO1: Output of CH1 input signal with applied offset voltage,
AUX IO2: H-level pulse signal output occurs under the following conditions
・Output when triggered
・Output when Pass/Fail judgment result becomes Pass or Fail
GPIB Interface
(factory option)
GPIB: IEEE488.2 (factory option)
2 ways optional for Probe Power supply
Our active probe power supply (2 systems)

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