GAM40P Pneumatic Stencil/PCB Clean Machine

  1. Adopt structure of air pressure control system.
  2. Never cause problems in using solvent.
  3. Only 9 minutes to clean and dry automatically.
  4. Two multi-section automatic filter function and recycle the solvent.
  5. Indeed clean solder paste and Flux, ensure the clean function of the clean agent.
  6. Suitable for IPA, acetone and MEK these sorts of high volatility solvents.
  7. Assembled by 304 stainless steels, never get leakage and etched.
  8. Easy for operation and maintenance.
  • Be able to clean SMT stencil, components and plate board.
  • All shapes of Fine-Pitch stencil.
  Specifications: Machine Dimension: 800x1100x2000mm Machine Material: SUS304 Size of Stencil (cleaned Parts): 750x750x40mm Suitable chemical: Normal chemical; IPA, MEK, Acetone. (high-volatility solvents) Chemical Inlet Pipe Specification: 3/4 in. Wastewater drainpipe Specification: 1/2 in. Recycle Filter Pump: Pneumatic Pump Machine Weight: Around 200KG Operation Pressure: 4~4.5Kg Lowest Air Consumption: Above 3HP(465L/min) Solvent storage tack: Around 55L
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