GAM70 Laser Vision Measurement

  • Ideal inspection for solder paste thickness, dealing with the increasingly growth of fine pitch, enhanced printing technology and high precision requirement
  • Prevent virous kinds of defect from printing process, such as the bridging, deviation location, etc…
  • Laser vision measurement, without contact and damage
  • Statistical charts and process capability index be provided as the real-time data for quality control
  • Easy to operate, fast gather the printing data for reference
  • Measure printed solder thickness, height, length and interval
  • Providing various kind of statistical charts, such as the distributive thickness chart, -R control chart and process capability index: Cp, Cpm ,Cpk for reference
  • Analyze thickness for solder cross-section
  • Inspect length and thickness for other kinds of materials
  Printing For Control Chart:
  • X-R control chart
  • Cp, Cpk, Cpm capability index
  • [Operation And Measurement]
  • Display image full of screen
  • Easy to sample
  • Easy to operate
  • Real-time appearing the statistic
  • [Distributive Thickness Chart]
  • Display and print the distributive thickneess chart
  • Disply and print all the statistic
  • Analysis the percentage for distributive thickness
  • Get the results of statistics and analysis about all surveyed values in every thickness degree
  • inspect the quality of solder printing process
  • Survey the thickness benignancy of tin solder
  • Measure the dimension of tin solder
  • Provide thickness and dimension measurement function for other object
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