High-Precision Laser Soldering Robot System [UNIX-413LII]

on-contact soldering provides you precise and high-quality soldering in Lead-Free Soldering.

Next generation soldering

Noncontact soldering has the following advantages:

  • no icicle is formed,
  • any impurities are not mixed into solder, and
  • It is appropriate for control of the solder amount or fine work such as fixing of a part that is difficult to be done.

This system provides the next generation soldering method that is expected to be applied to lead-free soldering also.

Reduction of Consumables and Waste

Since the amount of the wasted solder is far less than that of the Wave soldering or soldering iron system, this system contributes for reduction of industrial waste. In addition, it does not require consumables such as an iron tip and heater, so it is very easy to perform routine maintenance.

Laser Diode

The laser diode (fiber coupling type) whose output is high (30 W) is used.

Laser Head into Which a Coaxial CCD Camera Is Incorporated

The CCD camera incorporated on the vertical axis onto which laser is irradiated shoots an image of the target point.

Simple and Compact Design

Since the laser oscillator section, output control unit and laser head are separated, you can design installation or configuration of the system as desired. This is a small device that uses laser diode. Soldering is available even for a minute work without missing the laser irradiation point.

Teaching on the Monitor

While observing an image of the point irradiated with laser on the monitor, teaching operation is available also. You can operate this system safely.

LCD Touch Panel System

The LCD touch panel equipped with the backlight is used.You can intuitively check various settings such as the laser output power and irradiation time.

Large Work Area

The long focal length optical system is adopted so that a large area from the lens to the work can be secured.

Air Jet Type Soldering Smoke Preventing Mechanism 

Parts around the optical system inside the laser head are shielded from the outside, and the air jet system is incorporated into the robot. Therefore, this structure does not allow any smoke from the soldering flux be blown into the inside easily. This robot can spray nitrogen also.

Laser Output Control Mode

In Output Control mode, this system allows you to check the laser power and time with observing the waveform displayed on the LCD panel. It can store up to 32 output conditions also.

Easy Cleaning of the Optical Lens Protective Glass

The dual structure of protective glass blocks any flying flux and/or solder ball. This glass is the sliding type, so it is easy to clean.

Specifications of Main Robot Body
Number of axes 3 (controlled simultaneously)
Operable range X-axis/Y-axis 300mm/320mm
Z-axis 100mm
Driving system Driven by the 5-phase pulse motor
Positioning repeat accuracy ±0.01mm
Weight of the main unit Approximately 39 kg
Number of soldering conditions 63
Diameter of the used solder φ0.5~φ1.2

Specifications of Laser Soldering Unit ULD-730
Rated output 30W or 50W
Waveform length Selectable from 2 types
Laser spot diameter *1 φ0.4~ or φ0.6~
Laser focal distance *2 60mm (from the bottom side of the lens)
Fiber length 3m
Maximum operating current 50A
Power voltage Single-phase AC100V±10% 50/60Hz
Power capacity 800VA
Laser positioning system Observation of the same axis with a CCD camera
Weight Output control section 16Kg
Laser oscillator section 9Kg
Head section 0.7Kg
Safety standards/regulations JIS Class 4 labels
Warning label
Explanation label

*1 The minimum diameter becomes o 0.2 when you use an optional unit. *2 The long focal distance is available when you use an optional unit.

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