KP500 High Speed Vision Printer

Special feature:
  • Auto stencil cleaning: Standard Specification, including Wet wiping, dry wiping and Exhaust the air.
  • Humanity software: Easy to learn and operate.
  • Blade working under stencil or depart from stencil; it will not move up and down; to ensure the steady of printing.
  • Blade tooling with floating blade and device of constant pressure, it will not influence the quality when changing the blade.
  • Inner part with 2 steps function of forward boards, could prevent the solder may touch the board.
  • Z axis working by 4 screws synchronism, ensure the horizontal printing accuracy.
  • The vaccum device is option, available for under 0.6mm board.
  • Align system with the multi binary control, and include the X,Y,Y high precision movement, ensure the printing fixed accuracy.
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