• Code PLD-3000
  • From Japan
  • This is the first ESD label dispenser in the world.
  • By earthing the body and using ESD labels, we are able to reduce the static voltage to be less than 25 volts and for the body to be less than 5 volts.
  • Enable to cut from 4 x 4 mm extremely small ESD label to a thick security label.
  • It is easy to adjust the photo sensor for different types of label.
  • Very compact design perfectly fits cell-system.
  • Stainless body enabled to be used in ESD and clean room.
  • Scrap winder can remove scrap automatically.
Label Length 4 – 100mm
Width of Label Mount 4 – 75mm
Sending Speed 8.3 mm/sec. (min) 14mm/sec. (max)
Stop Error Margin 0.14mm(min) 0.314mm(max)
Size 192 x 170 x 253mm (W x H x D)
Weight 3.1kg
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