Soldering Robot Optional Unit – Nitrogen Gas Double Heater [HN-W100]

Purging hot N2 to works can considerably reduce work time.


  • Shutoff of oxygen
  • Creating nitrogen gas atmosphere at soldering areas can control oxidation of soldered joints or materials.
  • As nitrogen atmosphere brings a preventing effect on oxidation and decomposition of flux, improvement in spreading ratio and a reduction in flux contents (3% to 2%) are feasible.
  • It is reported that the thermal oxidation preventive effect on the soldering tip prolongs its life.


  • Work time can be reduced through the preheating effect of hot N2 gas on soldering areas.
  • It is reported that the temperature at the soldering tip is stabilized by the effect of rising ambient temperature surrounding the soldering tip.
  • A version without heater is available. (100RH-N2-CA)
  • lead-free solder
  • high-temperature solder
  • multi-layer through hole boards
  • ceramic boards
  • flexible cables
  • crimping portion of leads
  • lead frames
  • liquid crystal TAB
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