Why clean the PCB board?

A quality board is a manufacturing standard, one of the standards is to clean the motherboard after soldering, so why do we have to pay for cleaning them? Reasons to clean the PCB board: Standards for the following processes are followed: Such as coating, wire bonding, … If when coating PCB, the PCB still contains residue of dirt on the surface, the Coating will be damaged, not guaranteeing quality. Guarantee product life Post-production PCB boards often still contain residues of flux, fingerprints, dust, … on the surface. If not cleaned properly, the board will corrode, discolor component pins and reduce the life of the product. Ensuring the signal of high frequency applications: such as telephones, radio, … Ensure many other standards of the PCB Save on repair costs While the cost of cleaning the board will be only 2-5% of that production cost. Thus, cleaning the motherboard in production is a very necessary thing to save costs, reduce commercial risks, … In this article will guide how to properly clean the circuit board with Zestron chemicals, in a factory environment, at home, even students in the school chair can do, wrongly bring beautiful products. , best quality Types of dirt Original resin resin & rosin resin Flux activator Organic & inorganic contaminants (due to the reaction between flux and solder paste) Solvent (diluent)

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