• Easy to Operation: Put the solder paste can on the jig then adjust the time.
  • Press “Start Button”, will start to mix the solder paste until the time you set. Then a well-mixed solder paste is available.
  • Well mixing Capacity: GAM-60 solder paste mixer is equipped with powerful solder paste mixing capacity and can easily provide a well-mixed solder paste in the SMT procedure.
  • Flexibility: GAM-60 is equipped with general solder paste can jig which fits various kinds of solder paste can. The jig is designed for easy loading/unloading the solder paste container.
  • Precise Operation Time Control: GAM-60 is equipped with a microprocessor and LED displayer. The time span is from 6 seconds to 9.9 minutes. A buzzer will sound when the time is up.
  • Low Maintenance: GAM-60 is almost free from lubricated maintenance. Cost saving operation
  1. Excellent for ISO 9000 solder paster mix process condition. Strong mixing/kneading power, enables preparation uniform / high-quality solder paste. Increasing printing quality.
  2. LED display panel and microprocessor control, easy to operate.
  3. Operation time memory capability.
  4. Mixing / kneading solder paste without contact exterior atmosphere.
  5. Universal fixture, suitable for all kind of commercial container.
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